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Intro about what I'm doing, written like a chat conversation.

Who are you?
Hi, I'm Ludwig! 👋

I'm currently working as a hybrid between UX Designer and Software Engineer at Polarstern Energie in Munich and I'm passionate about User Experience, Accessibility and Web Development. My focus is to achieve the best possible UX in terms of technical quality of all touchpoints.

I love to spend my spare time outdoors with photography, climbing and paragliding! 🪂
What are you working on?
I was working on several different projects for enterprise customers, where I combined my skills in UX and tech to build prototypes, apps and services.
Just a few buzzwords describing my area of work:
  • Interaction Concepts
  • High- & Low-fi prototypes
  • Bridging between Designers & Devs
  • High quality, maintainable and scalable front-end code
  • Architecture & Service Design
  • Accessibility
Some project examples:
Digital Flightbook
SaaS App
Incidence Trend
Web Project
My Portfolio
This very page
Touch Timetable
Interaction Concept
Sounds cool. Tell me more!
Just click on the project examples above or get in touch with me at LinkedIn or via info@ludwig-hubert.de.

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